O que você quer dizer com insurgentes?

Definition of insurgent

(Entrada 1 de 2) 1: a person who revolts against civil authority or an established government especially : a rebel not recognized as a belligerent. 2 : one who acts contrary to the policies and decisions of one’s own political party.

Subsequently What is another word for outflank? What is another word for outflank?

ignorar superar
outfox ofuscar
outthink enganar
bater melhor
better derrotar

What is the plural of insurgency? insurgency. noun. in·sur·gen·cy | in-ˈsər-jən-sē plural insurgências.

Beside above, What is an example of insurgent? The definition of an insurgent is a rebel or revolutionary. Che Guevara was an example of an insurgent. Insurgent is defined as something associated with acts of revolt. Burning the flag of the government you are trying to overthrow is an example of insurgent behavior.


Are surge and insurgent related words?

It’s interesting to note that “surge” is the spawn or twin of “insurgent.” They do share the same five letters. They eerily mirror each other.

Qual é o sinônimo de batida?

derrota, conquistar, win against, get the better of, vanquish, trounce, rout, overpower, overcome, overwhelm, overthrow, subdue, quash, crush. informal lick, thrash, whip, wipe the floor with, clobber. US informal own.

Which is the closest antonym for the word sustain? antonyms for sustain

  • prejuízo.
  • impedir.
  • doeu.
  • obstruir.
  • Pare.
  • abreviar.
  • condenar.
  • contraditório.

What does the word revolt? 1 : to renounce allegiance or subjection (as to a government) : rebel. 2a : to experience disgust or shock. b : to turn away with disgust. transitive verb. : to cause to turn away or shrink with disgust or abhorrence.

What is the meaning of militancy in English?

Meaning of militancy in English

the fact of being active, determined, and often willing to use force: The group has always been characterized by an uncompromising militancy. The government’s actions will increase instability and militancy in the country. See. militant.

What is the meaning of insurgency and terrorism? Method versus movement Terrorism is considered to be a method of pursuing a political goal [19], while insurgency is a political movement aimed at realizing a specific political goal [65, para. 2], which is generally to overthrow a regime.

What is difference between insurgency and belligerency?

is that insurgency is rebellion; revolt; the state of being insurgent while belligerency is the state of being at war or in an armed conflict.

What is the difference between insurgency and guerrilla? Doctrinally, we (DoD) define insurgency as “an organized resistance movement that uses subversion, sabotar, and armed conflict to achieve its aims. … Doctrinally, guerrillas are the “overt military aspect of the insurgency.” They exist alongside their counterparts, the auxiliary and the underground.

What is another word for insurgency?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for insurgency, like: rebelião, insurrection, insurgence, mutiny, revolution, guerrilla-warfare, uprising, maoist, revolt, sedition and resist.

What is the means of rebel?

a person who refuses allegiance to, resists, or rises in arms against the government or ruler of his or her country. a person who resists any authority, control, or tradition. adjective. rebelde; defiant. of or relating to rebels.

What is a mutineer mean? English Language Learners Definition of mutineer

: a person who is involved in a mutiny.

Is whirlwind one word or two? Adjetivo The band went on a whirlwind concert tour.

What is the synonym of rhythm?

bater, cadence, tempo, time, pace, pulse, throb, lilt, swing. technical periodicity. 2’poetic features such as rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration’ metre, measure, pattern, stress, accent, pulse, time, flow, cadence.

Qual é o sinônimo de bater? Definição. para greve ou tocar (uma pessoa ou coisa) com força. Ela o atingiu com força no braço esquerdo. Sinônimos. batida.

Qual é o sinônimo de raiva?

1 irado, incensed, enraged, infuriated, furious, mad; provoked, irritated.

What is the synonym of sustained? adjectiveincessante, never-ending. abiding. ceaseless. confirmed. constant.

Are sustainable and renewable synonyms?

Renewable is obvious, but not all sustainable things are renewable and not all renewable things are sustainable. Habitável might actually be the best one here.

What is the synonym of continuing? contínuo, continuous, sustained, persistent, steady, relentless, uninterrupted, unabating, unremitting, unrelieved, unrelenting, unceasing.

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