O que é um exemplo de indispensável?

The definition of indispensable is essential or absolutely necessary. When a part is needed to make a machine work, this is an example of when the part is indispensable.

Subsequently What is the synonym of indispensable? In this page you can discover 32 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for indispensable, like: inevitável, necessary, vital, needed, de rigueur, obligatory, fundamental, nonessential, important, indispensible and indespensible.

What is indispensable person? (u026andu026aspensu0259bu0259l ) adjective. If you say that someone or something is indispensable, you mean that they are absolutely essential and other people or things cannot function without them.

Beside above, How do you say indispensability?


Indispensabilidade é uma palavra?

1. Absolutamente necessário; essencial. 2. Obrigatório; inevitável: as rotineiras mas indispensáveis ​​cerimônias de Estado.

What is mean by gaily?

in a lively manner; cheerfully. with bright colours; showily.

What word class is cheerfully? CHEERFULLY (advérbio) definição e sinônimos | Dicionário Macmillan.

What is the meaning of clad humanity? Gaily clad humanity means brightly dressed people as gaily means bright or we can say cheerful, clad means dressed and humanity refers to all the people.

What is the adverb phrase of cheerfully?

In the phrase “she smiled cheerfully”, the word “cheerfully” is an adverb. In the phrase “the house was spotlessly clean”, the word “spotlessly” is an adverb. In the sentence ‘She ran quickly’, the adverb ‘quickly’ modifies the verb ‘ran’.

How do you use cheerfully in a sentence? Cheerfully sentence example

  1. The boy laughed cheerfully and jumped out. …
  2. She tried to smile cheerfully as she looked at him over one shoulder. …
  3. The count did not set out cheerfully on this visit, at heart he felt afraid.

What is cheerfully adverb?

adverb. /ˈtʃɪəfəli/ /ˈtʃɪrfəli/ in a way that shows you are happy.

Who does the writer call gaily clad humanity? Answer Expert Verified

In this phrase, ‘gaily’ is an adverb to describe how the humanity has been clad, ‘gaily clad’ together being an adjective to ‘humanity’. Simply speaking, the writer wants to say that the group of people present were dressed in attractive or brightly coloured clothes.

What does the phrase gaily clad humanity mean in the plot the lost child?

Gaily clad humanity means brightly dressed people.

What is the meaning of wild capers?

A goofy little joke or prank, a crime, or a ridiculous adventure is called a caper. … Other kinds of capers might get you jail time because a caper can also be an outlandish crime spree, or a wild activity. Finally, capers are the very flavorful pickled flower bud found in Mediterranean cooking.

How do you describe a cheerful person? animated, bright, buoyant, cheery, chipper, chirpy, effervescent, enthusiastic, good-natured, happy, alegre, jolly, joyful, lighthearted, lively, merry, optimistic, peppy, perky, pleasant.

What is a antonym for cheerfully? cheerful. Antonyms: sem vida, dull, gloomy, unhappy, dejected, depressed, sullen, joyless, melancholy, depressing, dispiriting. Synonyms: lively, gay, bright, happy, bonny, merry, joyful, pleasant, buoyant, sunny, enlivening, in good spirits, sprightly, blithe, joyous.

What is the adjective of cheer?

Adjective form of cheer is alegre. It means : Happy , delighted, in a good mood.

What do you call a cheerful person? 4. Jovial. Significa que alguém está feliz, alegre e animado. Jovial é quase sempre usado para descrever a personalidade de alguém. Alguém que é jovial muitas vezes é muito falante e socializa com as pessoas.

What part of speech is lit?

Lit can be a noun, a verb or Um adjetivo.

Where was the gaily clad humanity going What season was it? It was the festival of spring. From the wintry shades of narrow lanes and alleys emerged a gaily clad humanity. Some walked, some rode on horses, others sat, being carried in bamboo and bullock carts.

How does the author introduce the lesson the lost child?

Answer: he gives a story of a boy who is lost in a exibition . atfirst he wanted everything in the mela , but after he loses the sight of his parents arounds him,He does not need anything in the mela.

What did the man do to make the child happy? What did the man do to make the child happy? Ans. The man saw the child crying. He lifted him up in his arms and tried to soothe him.

Why was the little boy brimming with laughter?

Responda: The child is extremely excited to be at the fair, suggesting an uncontrollable thrill. He is full of energy, wants to explore around and is also happy, since a fair is of great interest to children. The phrase ‘brimming with life and laughter’ shows the child’s joy at being there, at the fair.

When did the father look red eyed at the child the lost child? (a) When did the father look red-eyed at the child? Ans: The father looked red-eyed at the child quando ele implorou por brinquedos que estavam nas lojas alinhadas no caminho para a feira.

How did the flowering mustard field look?

Answer: 1. It was a flowering mustard-field, pale like melting gold as it swept across miles and miles of even land. A group of dragon-flies was bustling about on their gaudy purple wings, intercepting the flight of a lone black bee or butterfly in search of sweetness from the flowers.

What does capers taste like? The taste of a caper is reminiscent of the lemony tang and brininess of green olives, but with a smack of floral tartness all their own. Because they’re packed in brine, capers also boast a bold salty, savory flavor profile.

What is capers in cooking? Buying, Cooking, and Recipes

Alcaparras são the immature, unripened, green flower buds of the caper bush (Capparis spinosa or Capparis inermis). The plant is cultivated in Italy, Morocco, and Spain, as well as Asia and Australia. It’s most often associated with Mediterranean cuisines, but enjoyed worldwide.

Alcaparras são boas para você?

Alcaparras são rico em antioxidantes, which are compounds that can neutralize harmful free radicals to prevent cell damage ( 1 , 6 ). Some research also indicates that antioxidants may reduce inflammation and protect against chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes ( 6 ).

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