De onde vem o nome fedor?

English: topographic name for someone who lived near a heap of some kind, from Middle English reke ‘stack’, ‘heap’. German: from Radeke, a pet form of a Germanic personal name formed with rad ‘advice’, ‘counsel’.

What does Granny GREY hips mean? Granny grey hips. Means : Someone behaving older than they are.

How old is the word reek? Entries linking to reek

reeky (adj.) início de 15c., reki, “smoky, steamy, vaporous; giving off rank, offensive vapors,” from reek (n.) + -y (2). The sense of “soiled with smoke” is from 1580s.

Herein Who is reek in got? Introduced in 1996’s A Game of Thrones, Theon subsequently appeared in A Clash of Kings (1998) and A Dance with Dragons (2011), in which he is reintroduced as “Reek”, the tortured victim of Ramsay Bolton. He is one of the major third person points-of-view through which Martin narrates both books.


What is a wee toot?

toonser (Doric word meaning a city-dweller) toot (Slang word in Scotland for a baby, child, as in “wee toot”)

Why is a worktop called a bunker?


What it usually means: A place to hide from an air raid. What it means in Edinburgh: A kitchen worktop, as in “see if I left ma specs on the bunker.” It seems to have maybe come from the word ‘bonkar’ meaning chest or box.

What does cry up the lum mean? Phrase of the Day: CRYING UP THE LUM (Scottish, rare) – an old tradition of shouting up the chimney to tell Father Christmas what you want him to bring.

Is reek a slang? to be strongly pervaded with something unpleasant or offensive. to give off steam, smoke, etc. to be wet with sweat, blood, etc.

Fedor é uma palavra de Scrabble?

Sim, fedor está no dicionário do scrabble.

What cologne means? 1 : um líquido perfumado composto de álcool e óleos aromáticos. 2 : a cream or paste of cologne sometimes formed into a semisolid stick. Cologne. geographical name. Co·logne | kə-ˈlōn “,Is reek a Ramsay?”

During the capture of Winterfell by Theon Greyjoy, his men find Ramsay, still posing as Reek, in the dungeons. He continues to play the role of Reek, saying that his real name is Heke. … “Reek” uncovers his true identity as Ramsay to Theon and orders the sack of Winterfell.

Como Theon Greyjoy faz xixi?

Quando a ferida finalmente cicatriza, o buraco permanece e sempre que precisarem urinar, eles colocam um canudo (geralmente de madeira) no buraco e urinam por ele. They might even squat down to urinate if a straw is not available so that they don’t soil their clothes. Why did Ramsay call Theon reek?

In the book version of things, a young Ramsay Snow was presented with a servant by Roose Bolton after his mother came asking for one. The servant’s real name was never mentioned in the books, but he was called Reek because of his bad smell (possibly due to a skin condition).

Como os escoceses chamam um bebê?

O que faz Bairn quer dizer? Bairn é uma palavra escocesa ou do inglês do norte para criança.

Como os escoceses chamam sua esposa?

Definição de ‘Sassenach‘ What does big mean in Scottish?

Apoie suas bibliotecas locais.

Palavra escocesa Significado
Palavra escocesa Significado
baurber barbeiro
baurley | baurlie cevada
bausy large, fat, coarse

What is a bunker in Scottish slang?

A bunker is an underground shelter, the kind you might build to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. … Bunker comes from a Scottish word for “bench. “

What is Lum in Scottish?

LUM is the Scottish word used to describe a chimney.

The popularity of gas central heating and the demise of dirty fuels such has coal has meant less call for chimneys in our homes and factories and in turn less use for the world ‘lum’ . How do you respond to Lang may yer lum reek?

It means “may your chimney smoke for a long time” i.e. may you have a long, prosperous and comfortable life. It’s sometimes followed up with the reply “on ithir folks’ coal!” meaning you will have an easy life and always be provided for.

Why is a chimney called a lum?

LUM is the Scottish word used to describe a chimney. … The expression ‘lang may your lum reek’, may sound rather rude it actually means ‘long may your chimney burn‘, meaning ‘long may you live’. It also has a more practical meaning as in ‘may you always be prosperous enough to have fuel’. What does triumphalist mean?

Definition of triumphalism

: an attitude or feeling of victory or superiority: such as. a : the attitude that one religious creed is superior to all others. b : smug or boastful pride in the success or dominance of one’s nation or ideology over others.

É uma palavra real?

: Trazer pra baixo as or as if punishment The storm wreaked destruction. What does reap the benefits mean?

: para obter todas as coisas boas que vêm com algo Ela está colhendo os frutos do sucesso.


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