Como encontro meu código MMI?

Go to the Dial pad. Type in (* # * # * # * # 4636) NOTE: No need to press the send button, it will automatically appear the Service mode. Enter Service mode. Select Device information or Phone information.

How can I solve MMI code problem? Here are the steps to be followed: dial *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer>navigate to Phone Information>click on ‘Run Ping Test’>Once the ping test is performed>click on ‘Turn Off Radio’>now click on ‘Turn on IMS over SMS’. Finally, Reboot your phone. This must solve your issue.

What does MMI code *# 21 mean? We rate the claim that dialing *#21# on an iPhone or Android device reveals if a phone has been tapped FALSE because it is not supported por nossa pesquisa.

Herein What is MMI code in Samsung mobile? Every code that you enter over your phones keypad that contains asterisk (*) or hash (#) characters is an MMI code. MMI stands for Man-Machine-Interface. Even though most of these MMI codes look pretty similar, they fall into different groups with completely different actions.


What is MMI code of Airtel?

Airtel USSD Codes 2022

S / N Confira detalhes Códigos Airtel USSD
1 Balance Check USSD Code * 123 #
2 Number Check USSD Code * 282 #
3 4G Data Balance Check Code *121*2# & Reply With ”1”
4 Número de Atendimento ao Cliente Airtel 198

• 12 de janeiro de 2022

How can I activate Airtel 199 Main balance?

How to activate Airtel 4g data plan from main balance?

  1. Discar * 121 #
  2. Press 3 for new offers.
  3. Select 1st option for unlimited packs.
  4. Now, you will see many unlimited plans.
  5. Select any plan which you want to recharge, press the number and send it.
  6. Confirm the plan.
  7. É isso aí!

How can I divert Airtel to Airtel? To divert all calls

  1. Type the following into your phone **21* followed by your desired telephone number then add # For example **21*07829700191#
  2. Press the ‘call’ button (wait for the screen message to confirm the service has been set up)
  3. To cancel, call ##21# (again, wait.

How can I activate my Airtel SIM? Here are the steps to activate your new 4G SIM:

  1. SMS SIM <20-digit SIM card number of your new SIM> to 121.
  2. You will receive a confirmation SMS in your inbox. Reply with 1.
  3. Listen to the confirmation call you receive immediately and give your consent by replying with 1.

What is 149 plan in Airtel?

Airtel Rs 149 prepaid plan: The Rs 149 prepaid plan by Airtel gives 2GB data spread with unlimited calling and SMS benefits with 300 SMS. This plan offers a subscription to Airtel XStream, Wynk music and free hello tunes.

How can I buy Airtel MB? Here is a new Airtel 2 GB internet offer at 38 tk. The validity of this offer is 3 days. To enjoy this offer dial *123*038# or recharge 38 BDT. Here is a new internet offer.

Airtel Recharge Package.

Pacote Validade Recarregar
60 MB 3 dias 17
150 MB 7 dias 27
1GB + 512MB Social 7 dias 89
1.5 GB 28 dias 209

• 13 de novembro de 2020

Is Airtel 49 plan removed?

Post scrapping its Rs 49 plan in Julho 2021, Airtel’s most cost effective plan was Rs 79. However the return of Rs 49 plan can be seen as a big relief for the users. The Airtel Rs 49 plan offers its users with a talktime of Rs 38.52 for a period of 28 days. A data of 100MB is also available for the users in the plan.

What is diverting a call? Call forwarding, or call diversion, is a telephony feature of some telephone switching systems which redirects a telephone call to another destination, which may be, for example, a mobile or another mobile or another telephone number where the desired called party is available.

How can I make my Airtel number not reachable?

Tudo que você precisa fazer é ir para Configurações> Mais configurações> Seleção de rede> Automático ou Manual. Agora, escolha manualmente e aguarde 10-15 segundos e seu smartphone mostrará as redes disponíveis ao seu alcance. Agora, seu smartphone perderá sinal, o que resulta em modo inacessível.

Para que é usado o código * # 62?

*#62# is the MMI Code that shows you your forwarding number. It means your calls or sms are being forwarded to that number.

Why is my Airtel SIM not working? Check The SIM Card: Sometimes, when the SIM card is not inserted properly, you may find a problem of no signal or an error showing up on your screen. To resolve this problem, power off your phone and remove the SIM card. Now reinsert the card and make sure that it is inserted properly.

Why is my Airtel SIM deactivated? For Airtel, a SIM card gets deactivated on its own because of two reasons. First that the SIM card has a balance of less than Rs. Twenty for a long period and if there is no usage such as no calls or no texts simultaneously for about 90 days.

How can I verify my Airtel SIM?

To tele-verify your Airtel postpaid connection after delivery, simply dial 59059. Knowing the details of activation is always helpful in case facing troubles.

What is the cheapest Airtel plan? The cheapest plan for Airtel prepaid customers starts at Rs 10 – which includes a talktime of Rs 7.47, while the most expensive is the International roaming plans that are priced up to Rs 14,999.

Planos de dados da Airtel

  • Rs 58 para dados de 3 GB.
  • Rs 118 para dados de 12 GB.
  • R$ 148 por 15 GB.
  • Rs 301 para dados de 50 GB.

How do I check my Airtel 149 balance?

Discar * 121 # from your Airtel mobile number. On the pop up menu, dial ‘5’. Press option ‘1’. Your Airtel balance will be displayed.

What do you mean by 2GB per pack? Airtel’s Rs 149 prepaid recharge pack: The Rs 149 recharge now has 2GB data per day, unlimited chamadas, and 100 SMS per day for customers. … That means the plan will offer 56GB of data at a per GB cost of Rs 2.68.

How can I buy Airtel data code?

To get started, you will need to dial the Airtel data plan code (*141#) on your mobile phone: Daily plans offer the following options: 40 MB for N50, *141*50# 100 MB for N100, *141*100#

How can I get 5 GB in Airtel? How Can I Add 5GB Data In Airtel?

  1. Go to the My Coupons section in the Airtel Thanks App.
  2. There you can find the coupons having your unique Airtel 5GB free data number.
  3. Now, click on the “Redeem” option available at the coupon.
  4. Soon, 1GB of data will get credited to your account.

How can I get 100 MB in Airtel?

Airtel Free data code

  1. Dial *121*100# from your SIM.
  2. Get 100MB Free data.
  3. User Specific.

What is the lowest Airtel recharge? What is the minimum recharge plan in Airtel? The minimum value of airtel recharge is Rs 10 but for validity, you’ve to recharge Rs 99 that has a validity of 28 days.

What is Airtel 48 pack?

Airtel offers data-only plans priced at Rs 48 and Rs 98. These plans give 3GB and 12 GB of data respectively. While the Rs 48 plan has a validity of 28 days, the Rs 98 plan gives data that will be valid till the existing plan.

What is the minimum recharge required to keep number active? But, of course, this logic works only for those who wish to keep their number active to receive incoming calls only. Step 1: Once the validity ends, or just before the current validity ends, do a recharge of Rs. 49 / –. You will be getting validity for 28 days.

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