Como foi como você responde?

Many answers are possible depending on what the speaker is referring to. “Foi ótimo”, “It didn’t go that well, I’m afraid”, “It was not bad.” A younger person might say “It was so cool”. “can’t say it was good nor bad”.

How did it go correct? Is ‘how did it went’ correct? – Quora. Não, it’s “how did it go.” When you form the simple past question or negative with “did,” the main form of the verb goes to the base form.

Como vai ou como vai?

Herein How do you reply to How’s it going Reddit? If they are fantastic, I’m great. If they’re great, I’m really good. If they’re good, I’m okay. If they’re okay I’m alright.


Como foi o seu exame Significado?

Se você perguntar a um irlandês “Como foi o exame?” e eles respondem “Foi ótimo” que significa deu certo, não foi incrível, mas também não foi um desastre. 1. WikiHow.

How it goes or how does it go?

“ How does it goes there “ is grammatically an incorrect sentence. Because ‘es’ is added to both the auxiliary verb ‘do’ and main verb ‘go’. And there is no question mark at the end of the sentence. In such case, (in interrogative sentence) the suffix ‘es’ should be added only to the auxiliary verb ‘do’.

Is how did your day go correct? ”How’d (how did) your day go?” “How has been your day” is correct, the first sentence está absolutamente errado. However, the word order stresses “your day”; a more neutral and idiomatic way of saying it would be “How has your day been?”.

Did you go to or went to? está correto. Did which is past tense of do always takes present tense verb with it in a sentence. So the present form of the word go is go. The other statement is wrong because the past tense of go — went is used which makes the statement “ Did you went to school?” wrong.

How is it going formal?

“How’s it going?” is an abbreviation for “How is it going?”. This phrase is a little casual, but it’s OK in a lot of different situations. If you want to sound more formal, you can say “Olá” to greet a person, or “How are you?” to start a conversation.

O que dizer em vez de como vai?

  • Como vai você?
  • Como você tem estado?
  • Como está tudo?
  • Como tá indo?
  • Como vão as coisas?
  • O que está acontecendo?
  • O que há de novo?
  • E aí?

How do you respond to hows it going from a girl?

You can say, I am doing excellent! Just did this and this or I am looking forward to going to this restaurant! (example)…. Let her respond…

How do you respond to how’s it on tinder? The proper answer is “It’s going fine, you?” or “I’ve been better, how about you?” If the person says, “I’m fine.” and starts to leave, let them. This is a casual greeting, along the lines of “Hi.”

Como você responde como você está?

Como responder “Como vai você?”

  1. Eu estou bem. – Você pode abreviar para “bom” se estiver se sentindo relaxado. Ouro preguiçoso. …
  2. Muito bom – esta foi realmente a frase de efeito de um popular comediante americano. Você pode ouvi-lo dizer isso neste clipe. Bastante. …
  3. Eu estou bem. – Como com “Estou bem”, você pode encurtar para “bem”.

How did your test go or how was your test?

Sir, How did your test go? or how was your test? which is correct? Ambos estão corretos.

How do you ask for exams? Better don’t ask anyone about exams.. In worst case if you need to ask them, make sure you start the conversation with any general topic and then calmamente ask “So, how was your exam?” and please don’t miss the smile on you face while asking this question. Hope you did all your exams well.

How do you write an exam?

How it will go or goes?

Nós dizemos: Let’s see how it goes. – But not ‘Let’s see how it will go here’. I’m gussing maybe it’s because of the verb ‘see’, we need to use ‘goes’ here, even it is about the future.

How was it or how is it? The main difference between the two is that, how is used to know the manner in which something has happened, whereas what is used to find out about something or the description of a thing or situation.

How far it goes Meaning?

phrase. If you say that something is good as far as it goes or true so far as it goes, you mean that it is good or true only to a limited extent.

How did your day go means? If someone asks you, “How is your day (vai)?”, they are asking what events have occurred in your life, so far, today. (Is it a good day, or a bad day?

Where did the day go Meaning?

It’s an expression that someone might use near the end of the day to mean “I can’t believe the day is over already, I didn’t get anything done, etc.” – if they’re using it at 5:45 in the morning I assume it’s a joke.

How did your night go Reply? you can answer by telling them -“Minha noite was ______(good, bad, difficult,-whatever you feel comfortable sharing with the person who asked). Could mean they wish they were in it with you and you could ask next time. Could be an indirect date request. Thats personal, “your night.” “Your day,” not so personal.